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By Tamara Morris, from the end of the 2002 festival.

To the 2002 Renaissance Crew:

As I travel to perhaps our last day together as a whole unit, I am filled with several thoughts.
The opportunity to participate was delivered only two weeks before the Faire. At times it seemed as if it was not going to happen for me. But what is meant to be will be. I thank you Jeanne' for fulfilling all of your promises that this experience would hold for me. I cannot begin to imagine the memories that you hold considering the 20 years of fun. You are blessed to count so many extraordinary souls that can be named 'friend'.
To all of you who I have spent time with here I thank-you. For some things I will name, and for others you will never know. This was magical to be here. You have nurtured and reaffirmed my faith that it is possible to give love & respect and receive love & respect of first sight. I have been able to be myself here and not feel judged.
I thank those of you who readily took time to answer my, sometimes insane questions and come to my aid simply because I asked them to. I thank you for sharing your gifted touch and energy even if it was simply a warm embrace with me.
I compare this with the safe space of school. I have grown in many ways in such a short time and it feels wonderful.
All of you are tremendously talented and shine with brilliant light. You can change the stars if you want to, know that you have changed me.
                                        -Tamara Morris